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Please click here to download the 77th Conference on Glass Problems proceedings.  You will be asked to use a password to gain access to the files. The password has been emailed to all GPC attendees.

For those who might also like to have a hard copy of the proceedings, a final edited version will be available for purchase from Wiley & Sons http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/ at a later date.

Should you have any issues or questions, please contact Donna Banks at GMIC at [email protected], 614-523-3033.

Hosted November 7–10, 2016 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the 77th Conference on Glass Problems is the largest glass manufacturing conference in North America, attracting glass manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to exchange innovations and solutions. The conference provided 35 hours of technical education through expert lectures, panel discussions, and focused courses on topics, including glass melting, refractories, process control, emissions, and raw materials.

The conference also provides significant exhibition and networking opportunities. Contact Mona Thiel if you are interested in reserving an Exhibit Booth, a Hospitality Booth, a Hospitality Salon, or a Hospitality Pre-Function for the 78th GPC.


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