Hosted November 6–9, 2017 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the 78thConference on Glass Problems (GPC) is the largest glass manufacturing conference in North America, attracting glass manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to exchange innovations and solutions. The Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC), in partnership with Alfred University, co-organize the conference.  The GPC is devoted to the technical issues facing professionals responsible for the successful operations of glass manufacturing companies and features two full days of invited and contributed talks in parallel with the 11th Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass symposium.

The inception of the symposium on Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass (AFPG) was in the late 1980s as an initiative between Alfred University and Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft (DGG) on behalf of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) and its Glass and Optical Materials Division (GOMD).  In 2017, the ACerS-GOMD and the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) are jointly organizing the AFPG symposium.  The symposium will have two full days of invited as well as contributed talks, in parallel to the GPC, enabling attendees the opportunity to participate in both events.  The AFPG symposium addresses the latest developments in the field of glass processing with a strong emphasis on glass melting, attracting researchers, engineers, and experts from both academia and industry who are active in the field.

Broad topics of interest are:

  • Furnace design and reconstruction
  • Physics and chemistry of the melting process
  • Thermodynamics and reaction kinetics of oxide systems relevant to industrial glass melting
  • Modeling of glass melting and processing
  • Combustion and heat transfer
  • Refractories
  • Safety
  • Raw materials:  engineered, minerals, and chemicals, batching and recycling
  • Forming
  • Energy efficiency and management
  • Environmental impact of glass
  • Advanced process controls and sensors
  • New Topics (relevant to glass manufacturing)

If your abstract is accepted, the joint organizing committee of the GPC & AFPG will make a determination as to whether you will present in the GPC or the AFPG.  You will have the opportunity to indicate on your abstract submission form if you are willing to provide a paper in addition to giving your oral presentation.  Presenters who are willing to provide a paper, will be considered for both the GPC and the AFPG.  Presenters who are not willing to provide a paper, will not be considered for the GPC, but will be considered for the AFPG.

78th GPC selected oral presentation authors are required to submit a paper for publication in the proceedings of the 78th GPC.

The editor of the International Journal of Applied Glass Science will invite selected 11thAFPG selected oral presentation authors to submit their papers to this prestigious journal for consideration.  Those not invited by the journal, are encouraged to submit a paper for publication in the joint proceedings of the 78th GPC and 11th AFPG.

If you’re interested in reserving an exhibit booth or a hospitality booth or salon, contact Mona Thiel ([email protected])

The 78th Conference on Glass Problems is organized by the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council and Alfred University. It is endorsed by The American Ceramic Society. Glass Worldwide is the official journal. 

The 11th Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass is organized by the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council and the American Ceramic Society’s Glass & Optical Division.

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