Eurotherm by Schneider Electric

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is a global manufacturer of instrumentation, systems and services designed for the efficient operation of industrial processes. Since 1965 the Eurotherm brand has provided specialized solutions for the glass industry. Now as part of Schneider Electric we have an enhanced ability to provide large scale solutions from beginning to end. Today, we continue to design and manufacture configurable precision machine, process and power controllers, and associated data recorders that enable our customers to get the most from their process. For the global glass industry we design, build and install scalable process and power solutions, specifically designed to aid efficiency and save energy. To safeguard your process we also offer a choice of support level agreements, for peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your plant. Eurotherm by Schneider Electric will discuss offerings based on Eurotherm Power Control (EPower and EPack), and Process Control (T2750PAC).

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