flammatecFlammaTec (FT), founded by STG and Glass Service in 2008, supplies advanced burner technology for glass furnaces. Over 2,500 burners have been installed on float, container, tableware and special glass furnaces.  When replacing conventional burners, FT’s advanced LoNOx burners improve heat transfer, efficiency and emissions:

  • Underport Gas Injector, Flex or Freejet
  • Underport Gas/Oil Dual Injector, Flex or Freejet
  • Underport Heavy Oil Injector
  • Sideport Gas Injector, Flex
  • New Oxy/Gas Burner

Rokytnice 60, 755 01 Vsetin, Czech Republic

Phone: +420 571 498 566

[email protected] | www.flammatec.com