Glass Service

Glass Service (GS) is a leading global consultant for glass melting/conditioning furnace and forehearth design, control, operation and troubleshooting. Glass Furnace Modeling (GFM) simulated design optimization software and Expert System
ES IIITM automatic control provide cost savings. The high-resolution infrared/visual
A-SENS camera, paired with ES IIITM, allows furnace operators to tap into Industry 4.0 standards. It provides fully automatic monitoring and control of temperatures and the batch blanket (240 references worldwide).

GS labs analyze 2,000+ defects yearly, and offer melt testing utilizing basic and applied research.

Headquartered in Czech Rep with offices in Netherlands, France, USA, Japan, China and Russia.

3340 SE Federal Highway, #200, Stuart, FL 34997 USA

Phone: +1-772-287-6061

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