Zippe/Lahti Glass Technology

Zippe/Lahti Glass Technology is one of the leading suppliers of glass raw material handling systems. A member of Zippe Group of Companies.

Zippe/Lahti Glass Technology serves the producers of:

  • Float glass, flat and figured glass
  • Container and tableware glass
  • Insulation and reinforcement fiberglass
  • Solar glass / low iron glass
  • Flat screen, TV and other technical glass
  • Borosilicate and water glass, and other special glass

by supplying

    • Complete batch plants and cullet systems
    • Weighing, dosing and mixing systems and components
    • Control systems and components
    • Cullet return systems
    • Plant modernizations and control system upgrades

Ahjokatu 4A,15801 Lahti, Finland

Phone: +358 400 352 605

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