Lahti Precision OY

LAHTI PRECISION – EXPERTISE THAT WEIGHS. Lahti Precision Oy is one of the leading suppliers of glass raw material handling systems. Lahti Precision serves the producers of

  • Float glass, flat and figured glass
  • Container and tableware glass
  • Insulation and reinforcement fiberglass
  • Solar glass / low iron glass
  • Flat screen, TV and other technical glass
  • Borosilicate and water glass, and other special glass

by supplying

  • Complete batch plants and cullet systems
  • Weighing, dosing and mixing systems and components
  • Control systems and components
  • Cullet return systems
  • Plant modernizations and control system upgrades

Lahti Precision is the only industrial scale supplier focusing on the glass industry. We use our own technology and products for weighing, dosing and mixing like load cells, hopperscales, weighing controllers and Lahti mixers. This ensures us excellent possibilities to develop the best solutions to our customers in glass industry – working closely together with the customers. Our basic arguments in the batch plants are excellent dosing accuracy quality of the mixed batch and high operational reliability of the plant.

Ahjokatu 4 A, PL 22, 15801 Lahti, Finland

Phone: +358 3 82921

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