Magnesita Refractories Co.


Magnesita is a full line vertically integrated supplier of refractories. We have one of the largest and purist deposit of magnesite in the world. We supplied refractories to many different industries around the world.

Magnesita has provided refractories for the glass producing furnace, including large flat glass furnaces, since 1950. Our basic refractories lines has excellent performance in regenerative chambers, walls and stacking, and is exported to companies around the world. For all the glass industry furnaces, Silica/Alumina and Alumina refractory systems meet, with high performance, the needs of regenerative chambers and chimney linings.

Magnesita currently has a complete portfolio to meet all customer demands in a glass furnace, including AZS technology. We can provide a variety of options, from insulating materials to the working lining, going through Magnesia, Magnesia/Chrome, Silica/Alumina, High Alumina brick systems and full line of Castables and Mortars.

Magnesita’s customers can rely on our Technical Assistance Service and monitoring of refractory lining performance, and the development of new products by our R&D Center. This helps enable improvement of projects, introduction of new solutions, and evolution of performance.

To fully support the Technical Assistance work with customers, Magnesita has a refract engineering team with recognized qualifications in the market, able to design linings and suggest modifications that facilitate implementations, increase performance and enable operational and economic advantages.

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