Praxair, Inc.

Praxair, a Linde company, offers a full range of industrial gases and technologies that may enable substantial fuel savings, increase your productivity and prolong your furnace campaigns.

Praxair’s OPTIMELT™ thermochemical regenerator system can help recover waste energy by converting fuel into hot syngas, allowing you to use 20% to 30% less fuel to melt glass compared to oxy-fuel and air-fuel furnaces.

Praxair also offers OPTIFIRE™ wide flame burners. These burners generate highly luminous, wide flames that enhance heat transfer to the melt and reduce the number of burners required. The low momentum flames minimize alkali volatilization and reduces particulate emissions. When integrated with Praxair’s OPTIFLO₂™ vacuum pressure swing adsorption oxygen generation technology, significant savings in electricity consumption can be achieved.

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