Special Shapes Refractory Company

Special Shapes Refractory Company (SSRC) is a family-owned business that manufactures specialized, engineered pre-cast refractory shapes and un-shaped monolithic refractory products utilizing SSRC developed mixes for use in the Glass Industry. Our pre-cast and un-fired monolithic refractory materials include light weight insulating mixes, fireclay, sillimanite and andalusite grades, 12-33% AZS mixes, Zircon, alumina, and alumina-chrome products that can be installed for most Glass Melter applications. We continue to offer grinding and finishing services, quick turn-around lead times for emergency repairs, and with our co-op partners, can provide refractory solutions that assist our customers for either “hot or cold” repairs. We continue to work on refractory developments, both shaped and un-shaped, that help our customers compete in the Global Market.


1100 Industrial Blvd., Bessemer, AL 35022, USA

Phone: +1-205-424-5653

[email protected] | https://www.ssrco.com