Tri-Mer Corp.

The Tri-Mer system design and UltraCat catalytic filters are the only proven filtration combination available for glass emissions, with over eight years of operating history on float, container, and tableware plants. No other system has undergone almost a decade of evolution and improvement. No other filter is made like the UltraCat or has its performance characteristics. Currently three dozen glass furnaces are meeting regulatory requirements with the Tri-Mer UltraCat system. Particulate (PM), SO2, HCl, metals, and NOx are removed in a single all-in-one system. Acid gases such as SO2, HCl, and HF are treated with integrated dry sorbent injection. NOx is destroyed by nanobits of SCR catalyst embedded in the filter walls in conjunction with integrated ammonia injection. Tri-Mer offers turnkey services: design engineering, in-house manufacturing, integrated controls, CEMs, mechanical/electrical/civil installation, commissioning, and power generation options. Technical Field Services provide unequaled service support and maintenance agreements. Tri-Mer is the largest supplier of ceramic filter systems in the world, with more installed filters than all other suppliers combined.

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